I can’t believe its 2013 already!  I feel like 2012 just started!  My New Year’s Resolution was to get out and try new activities!

Getty Images (Photo by Tim Boyle/Newsmakers)
Getty Images (Photo by Tim Boyle/Newsmakers)

I’ve tried it in the past but I’ll only do 2 new and exciting events and then I’ll go back to the same old routine.  This year I’ve decided to start out small with activities around town first then finally ending the year with something big like sky diving!  With that said there are some great activities coming up that you might like to do as well!

At the Buffalo History Museum they have an event called the Trains are Running!  Yes if you were Sheldon Cooper then you would have already been to this even twice but for the rest of us this might be the first time you’re hearing about it!  This event looks really cool even if trains aren’t your thing.  Set up at the History Museum they have a huge train display that includes 1900s replica model trains that will be running on more than 200 feet of track.  Along with that they even have a scale of the Erie Canal lock and 100 miniature buildings portraying 19th century Buffalo and Western New York.  It’s really neat to see what our city looked like back then.  The event runs till the February 24th but I think you should definitely go now and check it out.  It’s at the Buffalo History Museum the Trains are Running!

Another great event that you can’t miss this winter is Abbamania!  Even if you’re not the biggest Abba fan you’ll want to see this!  Seriously who doesn’t get up and dance to Dancing Queen every time it’s on the radio!  If you say you don’t, I know you are totally lying!  Abbamania is being held at the Lancaster Opera House on Friday January 11th and Saturday January 12th.  Abbamania takes you back to the disco era of one of the best pop bands in history, ABBA!  This is definitely a show for everyone.  Young or old you are not going to want to miss this show!  Both shows on Friday and Saturday are at 7:30 at the Lancaster Opera House!

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