If you were hoping that Congress would work together and get a second stimulus check sent out to most Americans it looks like that won't happen.

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As both sides worked on different deals, a chance to come together before the election on November 3 is basically over.

The reason why? Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has adjourned the Senate until November 9.

According to Business Insider the move means no new bills will be voted on.

The move shuts down the Senate from doing any legislative business, including reaching a deal on additional coronavirus aid, until after voters have cast their ballots

There was some hope that both sides would come together to get a deal done. President Donald Trump even said he would sign a bill that sent stimulus checks to Americans if a bill was passed.

That didn't happen yet so while we might not be getting a check before election day, the Stimulus package will be back on the table when the Senate comes back to work on November 9.

In March, Most Americans received a check for $1,200 and both sides had another check as part of their proposals this time around as well.


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