There's just under three months from Halloween, so it's not exactly around the corner just yet, however, it might be time to start thinking about what to do with Halloween-related stuff in 2020.

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While it's hard to see exactly what October will hold for us, the chances of the COVID-19 pandemic disappearing by Halloween are unlikely.

So, what will happen with Halloween? Will it be canceled?

While canceling trick-or-treating seems plausible, there's also the chance we could see drive-thru options this year -- in regards to haunted houses and even trick-or-treating, which would be safe and fun for families.

According to this station, a new attraction called The Haunted Road will launch in Orlando this fall. It's the first contactless, drive-thru Halloween attraction in the area.

I think you're going to see more of those leading up to October. Haunted houses and trick-or-treating are two very hands-on recreational things and can involve crowds, which let's face it, have been all but eliminated in 2020.

Perhaps we could have drive-thru haunted houses or trick-or-treating events in Buffalo and Western New York? Would you go to one with your family or friends if there was one?

If it came down to canceling it altogether or having this option, I would be open to it.

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