Another house fire occurred early Tuesday morning, and it’s affecting many neighboring homes in Western New York.

A vacant house on Columbus Avenue caught fire, and it quickly spread to a nearby building that is home to 10 people. (Six of those 10 people are children.)

As you can see from the photos below, the fire was pretty severe. 

The City of Dunkirk Fire Department broke the news on Facebook:

“Upon arrival fire crews found 535 Columbus fully involved with fire and 533 Columbus heavily involved. The fire was rapidly spreading to several nearby [exposed] buildings. Several hose lines and an elevated master stream were deployed to contain the fire. 535 Columbus was determined to be a vacant structure. 533 Columbus was occupied and ten residents fled the fire uninjured. 533 and 535 Columbus were completely destroyed while three other structures sustained exterior damage.”

Thankfully, the ten residents that fled the fire were uninjured, but the homes were considered to be under emergency demolition. 

At this time, it is unclear what led to the fire, but thanks to the City Of Dunkirk Fire Department,  East Dunkirk and Fredonia Fire, CCEMS and ALSTAR EMS, the fire was able to be contained. 

Currently, the fire is under investigation, but as a result, five properties are impacted by structural damage and/or moderate heat damage. 

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