Erie County has some of the most fertile and well-drained soils in New York state, and Eden has some of the best corn farmers in Western New York. These are simply just facts. 

The Eden Corn Festival got a nod from one of the biggest country stars on the rise before the WYRK Stars With Guitars Acoustic Show, and it was a unique moment because it happened backstage right before she performed.

This country star is nicknamed “The Corn Star,” so if she wants to shuck Western New York corn, you know it is quality corn. 

Who Is ‘The Corn Star?’

Hailey Whitters is a country musician from Shueyville, Iowa, the corn state. She became widely known after her hit song "Everything She Ain't," but she was involved in the industry for years. Before her songs were on the radio, she was writing for artists like Little Big Town, Martina McBride, and Alan Jackson -- to name a few.

Growing up in Iowa, you can hear the influence that has had in her songs over the years.

One of Whitters' songs is called, “In A Field Somewhere,” and it’s about how she grew up in Iowa. “I grew up in a cornfield,” she wrote on her 2022 Album Raised. “And I actually got engaged in a cornfield.” 

“To this day, whenever I go home, my holy place is to grab a bottle of wine and a lawn chair and go out back behind my parents’ house to the cornfield and just sit and listen to music and relax,” Whitters wrote.  

How Fast Can She Shuck Corn?

With a title like the “Corn Star,” you have to be able to back it up – and Hailey Whitters did exactly that. 

Not only does she have a passion for farming and agriculture, but she also happens to be a speedy corn husker. 

How Much Corn Did The Corn Star Shuck When The Corn Star Shucked Her Corn?

Hailey Whitters was in Buffalo, New York for the WYRK Stars With Guitars Acoustic Show at the UB Center for the Arts, and while she was here, WYRK morning host Kadie Daye (from Clay & Company) challenged Whitters to a good ‘ole fashioned “Shuck Off.” 

Kadie Daye participated in the 2023 Eden Corn Festival husking competition, and after going into a tie-breaker, Daye got second place at the festival. 

On Wednesday night, Daye thought she could make up some of her corn-shucking credibility by facing off against the “Corn Star” Hailey Whitters. 

Whitters was up for the challenge, and she rose to the occasion. 

Who Shucked Corn The Fastest?

Honestly, it was a no-brainer that Whitters would pull off the win, but you have to watch her corn-shucking technique below. 

Better luck next time, Kadie. 

If you missed Hailey Whitters in Buffalo this week, she is planning to come back soon! She is opening for Luke Combs at Highmark Stadium on Friday, April 19th. You can find out how to get your tickets here

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