The cost of eggs has been very high but is finally coming down. What do they cost at your favorite grocery store in Western New York?                                  

There are lots of reasons for the dramatic cost of egg prices rising quickly. From supply to bird flu, a usually very affordable kitchen staple has hurt families in their wallets. What were once easy to find for $.99 were now at much at $7 in some places, if you could find them at all. Stores were routinely out of eggs. Or, they would be out of standard eggs and be left with expensive free-range or organic eggs. Either way, you were left with difficult decisions. 

Over the past month, however, the price has begun to come down. While it’s been slow, and not to the point where it used to be, it’s a relief. As one local reporter tweeted: 

That’s almost half what they cost a few weeks ago, so it’s definitely a major improvement. Let’s hope the trend continues. Egg prices, after all, affect the price of local baked goods and restaurant prices as well. 

While this price reflects what Wegmans is charging for eggs, what about other local grocery stores? I did some googling and found 7 local stores and what they are currently charging for eggs. Here’s what I found.

1. Wegmans

I can confirm that Wegmans does in fact have eggs for 2.99 right now. Of course, there are more expensive options as well. Are these the cheapest in the area though? Let's find out.

2. Tops

Tops have unfortunately not been able to get down to Wegmans prices yet, but remember grocery stores don't get their supplies from the same places. It's only a matter of time before they are able to match or beat that price.

3. Walmart


Walmart was the cheapest I found by far. At $2.12 a dozen, you're not finding a cheaper price in the area for eggs.

4. Target

Target was surprisingly cheaper than Wegmans with its Good & Gather brand. Their Target Circle deals are actually pretty good, TBH.



While Whole Foods isn't as expensive as people always think it is, this did not support that cause. While they also could eventually come down the stigma that they are always more expensive will remain.

6. Price Rite


Price Rite was the second most expensive at $4.99 a dozen.

7. Dash's Market

attachment-WNY Egg Prices

Dash's was, unfortunately, the most expensive by far at $5.29 a dozen. Though you should always shop local and we certainly love Dash's. Their prices very well could come down soon.

Not shown: Aldi. Why? They only show their actual in-store price, well, in-store. The price I could find was the Instacart price which is always higher than the in-store price, so I didn't list it.

Another place not listed but that always has amazing deals is The Market in the Square. I couldn't find an online price but you should check them out, CLICK HERE.

I'm sure I missed some places so feel free to let me know!

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