Touring artists like Eli Young Band know what it feels like to be away from home too often. But even with their jam-packed travel schedules, their time apart from family is nothing compared to the burden that our soldiers overseas face -- something they realize.

Recently, Mike Eli from EYB chatted about his respect for our men and women in uniform. "We can relate to that, them being away from their families so much, but it’s very different because they have absolutely no control over how long and how far away they are from their families," Eli explains (according to GAC).

"That is something that we will always have such a huge respect for them; to be able to be away from their families for so long and sometimes to not be able to communicate with their families," he adds.

The singer, who fronts EYB, has seen his sisters go through family separation firsthand. Both are married to Marines who have been deployed.

"Seeing that with my sisters has always been such a huge deal,” Eli shares. “I have such a huge amount of respect for them and then also my sisters to be able to deal with it in such a great way.”

It sounds like this Fourth of July holiday, the EYB will be thinking of the men and women who serve on the front lines every day. Meanwhile, the band will continue with their stint away from home, playing with Kenny Chesney on his No Shoes Nation Tour.

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