You've told everyone, "I'm never living in a trailer park". However, what if the trailer you lived in was a $4 million trailer? There is one for sale in New York State's most desired location.

When it comes to real estate, we all know that location is the key to everything. It may not be the best house or the most up to date, but the location can be a game changer.

Some families have grown out of their homes and yet they can't or won't move because the schools are so good or taxes are cheaper or they are close to friends and families and stores and hospitals. But for others is it more about the view or proximity to a beach.

There is a home for sale that is reportedly in a "trailer park" in Montauk, New York and it is not what you would think of when it comes to a trailer.

The Fanciest Trailer Home In New York State [PICS]

$4 Million Trailer Home New York State

The interest rates are still climbing and it is becoming harder and harder for people to pay for the home they want. However, the market seems to still be pretty strong. The issue seems to be inventory of the homes available.


There are other financial concerns these days as student loan and student debt payments are going to be due starting October 1st.

As of this Friday, the interest will starting accruing again on Federal Student Loans and could spell a major issue for borrowers here in New York State.

The Biden administration tried to cancel much of these loans for thousands of borrowers but were not successful. The first payments in three years will be due starting in October and if you default, they can wake garnish! But, according to reports, the government will hold them harmless for up to a year before they are sent to collections.

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