There is a woodpecker that is wreaking havoc in the Southtowns. This woodpecker has been beating up wooden siding, trees, and fence posts and other wood related items around residences and buildings in our neighborhood.

Our neighbors house has been beaten up so badly by this woodpecker, they have used large butterflies to disguise the holes until they can repair them or cover the siding with another type of siding.

Siding getting beat by a woodpecker

We spoke about this on Clay and Company this week and got lots of calls and responses about what items work the best to keep woodpecker is not only away from your siding but away from your property.

From roosters to peacocks, and even a fake owl, there are things that people have been using to try to keep these annoyances away from ruining their property .Although they seem very pretty and are a neat looking bird to watch in action, woodpeckers can be very destructive and also keep you awake if they are drilling on the outside of your home early in the morning.

Check out the list below of the items that people suggested you use in your yard or around your property to keep woodpeckers away and return the neighborhood to a more peaceful setting.

Solutions For Annoying Woodpeckers

Like most wildlife, it is best to check with experts before you approach or try to deal with woodpeckers directly. It was just last week that a large black bear was spotted in the Town of Eagle. Although they are cute and fun to watch from a distance, bears are wild animals and should be treated that way.

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