The malls across Western New York (and New York State) have only been opened up less than a week, but we already had an incident happen inside one of them.

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According to Tim Walton on Twitter and Facebook, a fight broke out at the Walden Galleria Mall on Tuesday afternoon.

It's unclear what started the brawl or if there were any injuries as a result.

If you remember, this isn't the first fight that has broken out at the Galleria Mall. Back in 2015, a fight broke out inside the mall that made news.

In 2018, on the day after Christmas, three separate fights broke out inside the mall that resulted in a couple of arrests. The mall had to be locked down for a while to get the fights under control.

Just this past December 26th (2019), 30 people were ejected from the Galleria Mall and three arrests were made.

Developing: If more information is made public regarding what took place today at the Galleria Mall we will update this post accordingly.

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