It's been awhile since you've seen a fireworks show in North Collins, but this year, organizers are bringing them back to benefit a great cause.

In an interview with The Observer, Town Supervisor John Tobia says that they are bringing family fun...and fireworks back to North Collins for the first time this century.

In an event that will benefit the North Collins Veteran's Tribute, the organizers plan to bring family fun back to North Collins.  They'll have live music, family games like volleyball and kickball, and of course the fireworks at around 10pm.

They were especially excited to have this fun happening where people didn't have to travel to get to it.  It is right there in North Collins where they live.  They don't have to pack the family up to get to it.

“You can stay right here, at home in North Collins, that we all love, and be with friends and family. Invite your family to come over, you can have a barbecue at the house. Or better yet, you can come down to the park, buy some food, sit with other community members and enjoy games, fireworks and live music.”

While they intended to do the fireworks on the Fourth of July, they will instead hold them on June 30th because they believe many people will already be busy that day.

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