It has been there for over 100 years.  Plenty of people have passed by it every day, and now it is gone.

Some people called it "The Lion King Tree"

It looked like what they called "The Tree of Life" from the movie "The Lion King."

It was just a single tree standing in a field.  But it was something that many looked at on a daily basis.  Somehow, last weekend it was cut down.

A post on facebook from Dolly Stefan shows a before and after of the tree on their property.


An entire town is angry about the loss of the tree

You could see it if you passed on School Street in North Collins. It was a simple Elm tree that stood alone in a field. But it meant a lot to many residents there.  Some of the comments on the post show just how much it will be missed.

"I looked at that tree my hole life this is horrible"

"This is terrible! We loved seeing that tree. There’s a special place in hell for people that do this type of crap."

"vividly remember driving past the lion king tree on the bus every morning in the 90’s - im so sorry this happened to your family - it’s violating and cruel."

"This is so awful and devastating! My heart aches for your family and everyone who got the witness the beauty of such a wonderful old tree. I took countless drives up that way just to admire it and take photos from the road."

"I loved looking at that tree, I can’t imagine why someone would do that??????? I’m heart broken 💔"

"I have been driving/riding by that tree for the last 28 years.I would deliberately go that way just to catch the view.I’m so sorry 😞"



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