Kids always want to imitate what they see their parents do, and now your little one can set up their own work-from-home office space and home gym with these toys from East Aurora-based toymaker, Fisher Price.

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Fisher Price has three toy sets that really hit home with today's work-from-home lifestyles for parents.

And the toymaker has a sense of humor about it, too.

“We have deliberately focused on introducing toys that get parents and caregivers laughing, too,” Fisher-Price said.

The My Home Office Set features a laptop with four fabric “apps,” a smartphone, a headset, and a coffee cup. Fun fact -- check your Fisher Price smartphone anytime to see the weather and time in East Aurora, NY.

The Baby Biceps™ Gift Set is hysterical, and worth it just for the pics you'll get alone. It features a dumbell, kettlebell, sweat-band and protein shake bottle.

And the Cutest Chef™ Gift Set will get your little one imitating all the attempts you made at baking bread since March. The set features a recipe card, tongs with a meatball spinner, an oven mitt teether, and a chef’s apron bib.

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