Back before Blake Shelton became a country superstar (before his string of number one hits and The Voice judging), he was an artist most known for his debut single -- "Austin."

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But he didn't reach the top 10 after that again until over a year later with a song that was an anthem for the youngest child of the family, called "The Baby."

Released in October of 2002, "The Baby" would go on to reach number one on both the Billboard Hot Country Songs and Mediabase airplay charts in February of 2003. It was the lead single off Blake's self-titled sophomore album.

Written by Michael White and the late-great Harley Allen, "The Baby" is a true-blue country ballad that easily has one of the saddest endings to a country song (or any song for that matter), you'll ever hear.

I'm the youngest of my family and this song gets me every time I hear it. Definitely one of Blake's best singles.

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