There is a new threat that is quickly becoming a primary focus among health officials in the United States as a flesh eating bacteria has claimed lives over the last week.

As if we need anything else to worry about after going through the COVID-19 pandemic, now there are new concerns about this deadly issue.

There are reports, that there are other deaths across the country and right here in New York State.

At least three people have died in Connecticut and New York after contracting a rare flesh-eating bacteria that can be found in warm, brackish waters or raw shellfish, officials confirmed Wednesday.

As we start the new week, portions of Florida have also seen deaths related to bacteria.

Five people have died from flesh-eating bacteria in Tampa Bay this year.

Governor Kathy Hochul has also warned NY residents about the bacterium since it claimed the lives of one New Yorker and two people in Connecticut over the summer. It seems that there are specific things to be aware of. If you plan to swim, make sure you have no open cuts or wounds. Fox News reports that:

People with open wounds, cuts or scratches can be exposed to the bacterium through direct contact with the mixture of fresh and seawater.

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