The snow has stopped and the winds are not gusting in Western New York. As dump trucks and loaders fill the streets of the Buffalo area, a new problem may be just around the corner.

The spat between the Mayor of Buffalo and the Erie County Executive has shown the light on the fact that we need to have some sort of plan in place to be ready for whatever event Mother Nature has in place.It is east to point fingers after the fact. But we don't need a Monday morning quarterback, we need a plan.

As the warm weather moves in and highs are going to be in the 50-60 degree range, the rain is also coming. How prepared are you for flooding? New York State has already begun getting ready for those concerned in the Southtowns.

If you have drains or flood prone areas around your neighborhood, this would be a good time to get them ready and free from obstruction. The melt has been slow over the last two days. However, the rain will make things messy and there is still quite a bit of snow in the roads and along ditches.

I am often criticized for being overly worried about drainage around our home. I try to keep gutters clean and such. The fear is that the basement will take on water and that leads to a host of other problems I don't want to deal with. Take my advice, be ready for the next wave of weather and protect what is likely your biggest investment.

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