Stevie Johnson was a Buffalo Bill from 2008-2013.  Although he's no longer with the team on the field, he still shares the Bills Mafia spirit.

On New Year's Eve, a Bills fan named LeShawn Jerman offered to buy tickets the next time the Bills went to the playoffs and then he would give them away.

The Bills are in the playoffs and he is a man of his word.  He bought 8 tickets (two for him and a guest and six to give away) and promised he would give them away on Twitter.

It's a very cool offer.  Something that not every fan would do.  And this is where it gets cool...

Jeddy Johnson got a hold of the story and ran with it.  Former Bill Stevie Johnson saw it and decided to pay the fan back for his kind act.  He just sent him his money back on the cash app - all $2,200 of it.

Say what you will about sports and football...but this last couple of years following the Bills has shown how incredibly generous and kind people can be at their best.  From fans donating thousands of dollars to Andy Dalton's foundation to stories like this, it never gets old hearing about people's generosity.

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