These ice-cream cone cupcakes are a hit at every summer party. They're easy to make, and no cupcake liners to throw out!

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Prepare your cake mix as usual, and place flat bottomed ice cream cones into a muffin tin. Fill about 2/3 of the way, and bake until ready (toothpick-test!). Decorate as desired!

Martha Stewart has some ideas about this concept, if you're feeling a bit more advanced.

The real trick is carting these out of the house. While the easiest way to transport these is just to eat them at home and keep them in your belly -- sometimes you'll want to share.

I like to take a gift box (the kind you'd use to wrap a blouse as a gift), and cut a small X shape with an exacto knife (or cut with scissors) into the box's top. Cut as many X's as you have cupcakes. Now you'll be able to push the end of the cones through the X, keeping them upright and preventing them from knocking into one another.

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