The rising cost of just about everything has been tough on all of us. From Buffalo to Albany, New York residents are feeling the pinch at every purchase and it hurts even worse at the gas or diesel pump!

What can we do? It seems like New York State and the federal government are more apt to "offer advice" to save you money rather than come up with an actual solution to our fiscal problems.

The truth is, we are stuck with the prices and the long term solution that New York is offering is cornering us to buy all electric vehicles and soon, all electric appliances for our homes.However, in the mean time, there are some who are not only cutting you a break on prices, they are offering a free gift.

A friend let me know about a cool promotion at Big Indian in Irving, New York that looks inciting.

Big Indian Smoke Shop

The gas prices are always an issue and as we get closer to the spring and summer driving season, it will only be more difficult to find ways to save.

As for the home heating fuels. New York is setting it's sites on an all green and less fossil fuel dependent state. It is only a matter of time before it all takes place and will impact every resident and homeowner.

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