I've been lucky enough to be friends with the same group of people nearly my whole life. We tell the same stories, tell the same inside jokes and have the same traditions together for years and I am very appreciate of that every day. Here is one of my favorite traditions we do and it's an easy, fun (and without a doubt entertaining) concept I figured, I'd share.

We call it 'Mystery Dinner' and the process is easy. 

  1. One person is in charge and plans a theme.
  2. They pick everyone up.
  3. Plan every bar and restaurant we go to all night long. 
  4. Nobody else knows where we are going until we get there.

It's super simple, but we always get a kick out of it. It's fun when you literally have NO CLUE what to expect because you get no hints except for maybe what is appropriate to wear. Here's some recent examples:


BEATLES NIGHT: We went to Abby Square in Williamsville and I pre-set it with the bartneder making us some special drinks: a yellow one dubbed 'yellow' submarine, and black licorice one called 'Blackbird', etc. Then we went to Penny Lane, this hippy cafe place with live music that's super cool in Clarence then topped off the night with the annual Beatle's tribute on the roof of Larkin.

BLUE NIGHT--Everyone was told to wear the color blue, we pre-gammed with Blue Lights and then went to Black and Blue in Williamsville for dinner and then bar hopped around to bars like the Blue Lantern and Blu Bar. 

TASTE OF ITALY--It's was an obvious theme once we got in the car and there were bottles of wine and Lou Monte--The Italian Cowboy playing, we knew what we were going to. After dinner we hopped around to a bunch of wine bars on Hertel.

OKTOBERFEST--We went to Scnitzel + Co.for dinner and bounced around local oktoberfests in the area. Naturally, the car was decked out in Fall foliage and we only drank Oktoberfest beers. 

Now, we can't give you all of our ideas, but it is a riot! Give it a try and let us know what your themes were.