Take a look at this gas station with the CHEAPEST gas in Western New York. Now, I know if you live out there, you already know about this place, but to get this price you have to pay cash. It's only $2.85 for gas. The location is at the Bear Clause Trading Post in Sanborn. That's insanely cheap for right about now.

You can see the cheapest 5 gas stations in Western New York below.

Gas prices are going kind of crazy again, and you may not believe this, but gas in the Buffalo area is actually a whole lot cheaper than the surrounding areas. The average in Buffalo has gone up 4 cents over the past couple of days, but that is still cheaper than the rest of New York State. The average in the entire New York State is $3.55 per gallon and the average in Buffalo is $3.49.

To put it into perspective for you, the average last year in New York State was $2.51 last January.

For the past year, the prices have gone up since last January and they are getting to some scary levels. Take a look at the cheapest gas prices in Western New York. Here are the cheapest 5:

It's not by the beach in Silvercreek either like you may think.

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Where can I find cheap gas in Buffalo? Where is the cheapest gas in Western New York. Here is where the lowest gas prices in New York State are.

5 Cheapest Gas Stations in Western New York

These are the 5 cheapest gas stations in Western New York, as they are on Native American owned property.

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