There was a new push in New York State to get parents to get their kids between the ages of five and eleven a COVID-19 vaccine.

Rapid COVID Test Site In Orchard Park

It was announced this week by Governor Hochul‘s office that anyone who gets their kids a vaccine between the ages of five and 11 years old will be eligible to win a scholarship to a SUNY New York school of their choice.

Scholarship Includes Tuition, Room And Board

10 Winners per Week for Five Weeks with First Winners Announced November 24; Drawing Schedule Available Here

In New York State, if you attend a school, kids are required to wear masks. There has been a lot of debate this week about a mask break for children in school. But the overall goal of the government is to have kids between the ages of five and eleven, and up, to get a vaccine against COVID-19.

If you’re looking for a rapid test, there will be a new location coming to Orchard Park that is directly across from Highmark Stadium. The new COVID test site will be at the corner of Abbott and Southwestern in Orchard Park.

Many locations are now offering tests and vaccines and boosters for anyone who is eligible or interested. This may be an in time to reconsider your thoughts on getting your kids vaccinated as this new opportunity has come about.

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