Thought this was a pretty cool pic and had to share.

I recently moved to the north side of Lancaster, kind of by the creek, and I'll tell ya--there is a lot of wildlife over here. Not that I didn't think it existed, but coming from the Village of Lancaster we didn't see nothing even remotely close to what we have been seeing in my backyard the past couple of weeks.

We saw a bald eagle chilling in my front lawn (no lie you have to see the pictures, it was incredible.

We see some coyotes...and they get awfully close to the house for some reason. In fact, check this out: do you think something is wrong with this coyote? We thought it could potentially be sick or have mange. Either way, it was probably about 40 foot away from our backdoor and this one was around the backyard in the middle of the morning.

We heard there was a bear in the area hanging in a tree not too long ago.

But, this was a pretty cool picture to see. One of our good friends sent us this picture and we thought we should share it. Can you see the little guy hiding out in the tree after he snowed last week? Owls adapt pretty good in the snow. In fact, they can detect that a rodent is under the snow up to two feet!

Of course, we learned that from an owl expert, I didn't just know that LOL Take a look at these pics!

Look At The Hidden Owl in The Tree in Lancaster

Look At The Hidden Owl in The Tree in Lancaster