Holy smokes this is hilarious--AND IT"S HAPPENING! I was telling Clay and he said that this used to be something like this back in the day. You know the water tower off the 90 by the Hamburg exit?

Well, supporters have gotten the GREEN LIGHT from the town to paint the "rare" opportunity. (haha) There will be a small board that will organize fundraising events to complete the project. They think it will take 3 years and have made sure all local business and surrounding home owners were okay with the project!

Hamburg, according to some, is the birthplace of the hamburger. According to WGRZ:

Supporters who realize taxpayers may not want to spring for an elaborate paint job, hope they can reach out to the community to voluntarily fund the effort, and plan to submit petitions to the town board when it meets in September.

It's a thing like this that make Buffalo a truly unique place to live. We'll keep you updated on any of the events supporting the burger!

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