Many towns and cities have landmarks that set their town apart from others.  One citizen in Hamburg is petitioning to get Hamburg's to be a water tower painted like a hamburger.

You read that right.

Her name is Chris Hannotte Luly and according to WKBW, she is a 15-year Hamburg resident.

She's hoping that the project will brand Hamburg and really make it a destination and bring more tourists to the growing town.

Many people believe the tower is in dire need of a new paint job anyway.  So why not make it stand out in the process?

While many people have worried that the job would cost taxpayers, Hannotte Luly has assured them through the website that the funds would come strictly from fundraising efforts, corporate sponsors, grants, and community support.

I actually think I like the idea.  If you look at the tower, it's the perfect shape for the project.  And why not?  I can't see many negatives to it at all.


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