Hailee Steinfeld and Josh Allen started going out earlier this summer, and it seems like she has embraced Buffalo, New York with open arms! 

There were even a few reports that Hailee Steinfeld was spotted at the New Era Headquarters in Buffalo, making custom hats with Josh Allen.

“That’s a woman who wants her man to [expletive] succeed,” one TikToker said in a video. 

All signs point to yes, Hailee also wants her man to earn the Lombardi trophy for the City of Buffalo, and this year may be the year

But Hailee Steinfeld made a recent post to her Instagram story, and it looks like she is subtly showing even more support for the Buffalo Bills and her man, Josh Allen. 

On her Instagram story on Monday, Steinfeld shared a photo to participate in the “random photo” challenge, and guess what that random photo was?

It was a baby buffalo! (At least, that's what many Buffalonians are calling it...)

It doesn’t seem like a coincidence, does it? 

We just want our quarterback to be happy, and it looks like Hailee does that, so she’s officially an honorary part of the mafia. 🙂

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