We know that chances are you will take some of the candy goodies that your kids get while trick or treating. So we are here to help with some wonderful Wine and Candy Pairings for you!

We searched and found a website called babble.com and here are some of the Top Wine and Halloween Candy pairings!

1. Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and Chardonnay

An oaky, buttery chardonnay is the perfect complement to a smooth, chocolatey peanut butter cup. The higher acid content cuts through the richness of the chocolate.

Photo Credit: Dave Fields


2. Twix and Syrah

A Trix with its rich chocolate, buttery shortbread cookie, and indulgent caramel — pairs well with a syrah. This variety features a signature flavor profile of red currant with a hint of fiery black pepper, which makes it a delicious partner with such a decadent candy.

Photo Credit: Dave Fields

3. Butterfinger and Sauvignon Blanc

A Butterfinger features a signature butter flavor wrapped in milk chocolate, making it ideal to be served with a light, yet slightly buttery, wine like sauvignon blanc. It won’t overwhelm the taste of the candy and will nicely enhance the buttery flavor.

Photo Credit: Dave Fields

4.  Snickers and Champagne

A Snickers bar is rich with the flavors of nougat, chocolate, caramel, and nuts. Each bite is decadent and luxurious. To balance out the richness, sip some bubbly champagne. The fruity flavors will play up the caramel and nougat, while the acidity will help cut through the rich textures and flavors.

Photo Credit: Dave Fields

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