You may have noticed a few of these blue buffaloes scattered around Western New York. From our WYRK Secret Show, to The Jam in the Valley and even on the weather roof on Channel 2, they are being spotted throughout Buffalo!

What are they? What do they represent? Why are they on your Instagram or Twitter feed?

It's all part of a great cause and move to promote one of the most recognized and awarded cancer research hospitals in the country!

"Herd of Hope" is a campaign aimed at getting companies to purchase one of these cool looking, aluminum buffaloes to place at their place of business and bring WNY together to keep the great work being done at Roswell Park going.

Like your family and many others in WNY, we have a personal connection to Roswell Park. My father in law was treated by doctors and the incredible staff at Roswell Park. He was given a chance to beat the odds and was able to live far beyond the original diagnosis. The care that he received and the amazing kindness and genuine attention we as a family got from the nurses was far beyond any expectations.

Even though patients are treated everyday at Roswell Park, it's the continued effort and research to find a cure and eliminate cancer all together that makes Roswell Park so unique. As you are reading this, there are teams hard at work and trials being conducted to help make a world without cancer.

Keep your eyes (and social media feeds) open for the "Herd Of Hope" buffaloes as you travel around this summer. Some of your favorite business may even have one to snap a selfie with!


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