Hawk Creek Wildlife Reserve is seeking donations of feed for the 90 wildlife that live at the facility.


We had a chance to meet Merlin today; a barred owl that arrived to the facility injured after a car accident -- Merlin, who's blind in one eye, acts as an educational ambassador.

According to a post on Facebook, the not-for-profit organization said they were losing the donation of their base food supply, which means $65,000 in feed costs must now be generated.

Food donations that will be accepted include most game meat, packaged meat (chicken, turkey, beef), whole organic animals (Chicken, Turkey, Pheasants, Rabbits, Guinea pig, Rats, Mice, Chicks) and bones (Deer or Cattle).

You can also make a cash donation to Hawk Creek here, and if you'd like to donate food you can email hawkcreekwildlife@gmail.com or phone 716-652-8646.

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