One thing we all have in common is the shared disappointment of the unmet expectations for summer 2020.

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If you're feeling emotionally drained or depressed, and a vacation is your usual go-to remedy -- science says go ahead and plan that next trip.

The LA Times reports:

"The emotional system is really geared toward steering people to engage with good things and to avoid bad things,” said Leaf Van Boven, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of Colorado at Boulder. This is why thinking about future events can elicit stronger emotions than reminiscing about past events. Have you ever felt as if your anticipation of a trip was more pleasurable than the trip itself? This is why, Van Boven added."

And planning local short-distance day trips can give the same added mental boost as planning a big Disney vacation.

If you're looking to go beyond your backyard for travel, there are many extreme discounts right now on air travel.

Southwest Airlines is offering an unheard of promotion -- you get the airline's usually-elite Companion Pass through the end of February, for buying just one flight.

For Rapids Rewards members, Southwest posted an enticing deal, and like any enticing deal, it does come with a host of restrictions as it relates to dates, but free is free, and that's a big part of the airline's latest promotion.

What about travel insurance? Many people learned their travel insurance didn't cover a global pandemic. However, choosing a C.F.A.R. (cancel for any reason) policy would protect your trip investment to a certain degree in any circumstance.

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