2020 was not a great year for anyone or anything including those who love to watch baseball in person. But IF there is a return to the ballparks this summer, you may not see the long, home run hits that you used to see in the past.

According to at least one report, the ball that teams use during the game may be tweaked to make it slow down and not travel as far.

The Athletic obtained a memo sent to front offices last week outlining the changes which are intended to "deaden" the ball. There are teams that will begin using a humidor to store balls at their home parks that will make the ball slow down and lower home run totals.The average during the shortened 2020 season was 1.28 homers per game.

One of my favorite jobs that I have had was being able to be the person who played the music and sound for the Buffalo Bisons. Seeing so much baseball and getting paid for it was an incredible part-time job. Hitting the button that played the music inn the park when this Buffalo Bisons would hit a home run was so exciting.

Hopefully we can get to see a game in downtown Buffalo this summer. There has been some talk that the Toronto Blue Jays will once again play games at Sahlen Field this summer.

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