Think of all of the cities in the country you might think are fun places to spend some time in.  New York City?  Las Vegas?  Chicago?  Nashville?  If you came up with a list of 150 cities where would Buffalo end up on that list?  You might be surprised. 

The personal finance website WalletHub ranked America's most fun cities based on a number of factors including Entertainment and Recreation, Nightlife and Parties and Costs.  Among the things they looked at were beer prices, number of festivals, number of restaurants and playgrounds, fitness centers, dance clubs and the cost of going to a movie.

When they crunched all those factors together Las Vegas, Orlando and New York City came out on top.  But would you believe Nashville, Memphis, Phoenix, Boston and Baltimore all rank lower than Buffalo?  Can you believe Buffalo came in ranked in the top third of the 150 largest cities?

With Taste of Buffalo, Italian Festival, Wing Fest, Canal Fest, Allentown Arts Festival, Eden Corn Festival and so many others, this area certainly has more than its share of festivals each year.  Buffalo also some famous party districts - Chippewa, Elmwood, Hertel and some amazing restaurants.

Buffalo finished ranked as the 39th most fun city in the country.  Here is the complete WalletHub report -

Source: WalletHub

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