After spending some time at the WNY Home & Outdoor Living Show, I was inspired to start some home improvement projects. This week, I tried out glitter paint -- because I fancy my living spaces to as closely resemble a Lisa Frank fever dream as possible.

Guys. GUYS. Look at it sparkle!

Don't get me wrong, I'm the type to do an entire ROOM with stuff like this, but the house I just moved into -- well, the paint was all pretty great to begin with. So I'm focusing on adding details to make the space a little more personalized to me.

Since I was doing such a small space, I didn't need more paint than what was included in the paint sample sizes at Target. I picked that up, some sandpaper, a brush, the glitter add-in and was on my way.


I sanded the area, taped off and added the glitter to the paint. I added about half of the bag to the small bottle of paint, because I really wanted a glitter-saturated look (there's little subtlety in my decor). Start with less, and keep adding in more to get the right effect you're looking for.


I put on two coats, letting the paint dry about 12 hours between. The coverage and effect are awesome. I'm thinking about doing a glossy clear coat, because it's being used in the bathroom -- having a surface that can be easily cleaned is important.


This added just the right amount of sparkle and personality to my master bathroom, and muted the look of the previous bright white shelves and cabinet.


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