Now that we are in November, it’s a gamble as to when it will snow next, but it’s good to always be prepared. 

The Old Farmer’s Almanac is projecting that there will be snow flurries on Tuesday, November 7, so hopefully you have an ice scraper in your car before then. 

But if you happen to forget an ice scraper, or refuse to believe summer is over and you don’t want to grab your scraper from the garage, there is a last resort option that you can usually count on. 

Chief Meteorologist at WGRZ, Patrick Hammer, actually mentioned this idea first on Daybreak. He said that the “best old school scrapers” (when it comes to ice on the windshield), you could always use a “CD case” or “visa credit card.” 

Admittedly, there have been times when I didn’t have an ice scraper in the car, due to unexpected ice overnight or it got cold back when I worked overnight shifts, and I never thought once to try such an incredible idea. 

But turns out, tons of people do it all the time!

One TikTok user was even surprised by how well the CD case method work. 

Do you think REO Speedwagon would mind someone using their CD to get the ice off their car?

Considering they are from the Midwest, they probably would understand the struggle. 

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