I just didn't get the "shopping" gene.  So please DO NOT look here for Black Friday sales, coupons or tips. Ain't gonna happen. I'll happily be on the air at YRK filling in for the hardest working man in radio, Brett Alan. (And of course the Saturday Night All Request show!) I like keeping it local and supporting small businesses (it's good for all involved folks!, Keep your money in your community), so I'll be supporting my 'hood's Elmwood Strip. I check out a store...eat some fine food two doors down...another store...a restorative beer at the tavern next door...repeat. Now THAT is my kinda shoppin'! They are having a "Small Business Saturday" event if you are so inclined to save some big bucks. Here is more information from The Elmwood Village Association:  http://elmwoodvillage.org/event/

I know I've told you that Brad Paisley and I grew up in the same place in West Virginia! Well, my Wheeling friends were all a'buzz on social media earlier this week with a pretty cool celebrity sighting. Seems Lady Gaga has a lot of family in Wheeling, West Virgina and that's where she was spotted at Kroger grocery shopping! Wouldn't you know it...TMZ picked up the buzz, so it went national! Ha! Here's their report:  http://www.tmz.com/2017/11/23/lady-gaga-shopping-thanksgiving-kroger-west-virginia/

Me? I had a warm and wonderful Friendsgiving with my Buffalo family. When I count my blessings, they are included. Wishing y'all the warm fuzzies I'm feeling right now.





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