Meet Danny Webber.  Danny served in the U.S. Navy as a Seabee.  He is now 74 years old and is one of the biggest Indianapolis Colts fans ever.  Unfortunately Danny is also dying from a terminal form of cancer.  This video is of him at his first NFL game.

I know that many people think that football is a stupid game for rich people.  In some cases that is true.  There is a lot of greed in the business side of football.  However,I cannot ever express how much football means to those of us who can look past all the rest of that and just love the game for what it is..  It's an emotional game.  Many of us put our hopes and dreams in the hands of the players wearing our team's jersey.    Our hearts are filled or broken every Sunday once that coin is flipped and the ball is kicked off.

I've been to many football games.  I'm embarrassed to admit that many of them were taken for granted.  It's easy for us to forget that sometimes that game might be the only one that someone might see, and that someone might be a 74 year old veteran who not only fought for our country but is now fighting for his life.

Watch the video of this man as he enjoys every second of his first NFL game.  And I dare you to not cry.