It's widely known that Buffalo and its people love their sports teams, especially the Bills and Sabres. Over the years, there's been up and down success for both teams (maybe a little more down than we had hoped) but there's no denying that fans here love rooting for them.

But if you had to choose one, would you say that Buffalo is MORE of a football or hockey town?

It's obviously both but I remember for years, as I was growing up, people saying that Buffalo will always be a football town; after all the NFL is king as pro sports leagues go in this country and the Bills act like an extension of our great city.

But hockey passion is everywhere too! Granted, the Sabres haven't seen on-ice success recently but it's for sure a hockey town, compared to most other cities here in the U.S.

So, if you had to pick one -- football or hockey town?

...and yes, the Bills kick off their regular season in less than two weeks and the Sabres kick off theirs in six weeks. They're getting closer!


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