The Bills fell to The Jaguars 9-6 on Nov. 7. But why?

It was a hard game to watch for any Buffalo Bills fan, and after it was over, you couldn’t help but wonder, “What just happened?”

It could have been a bad Sunday, Josh Allen may have been under the weather (or at least sounded like it in the press conference), or it could have simply been the fact that the Bills were away this weekend.

Or maybe Josh Allen was cursed.

That’s what some sport analysts have been alluding to, at least. 

What Curse?

It’s called The Manning Curse, and yes, it is in reference to the Manning sibling duo of Peyton and Eli Manning. 

It all started not too long ago, when the Manning brothers started their weekly recurring episode on ESPN2 called Monday Night Football. Since the show started, the brothers have had 6 current NFL players as guests, and each of them have suffered symptoms of The Manning Curse. 

What Does The Curse Do Exactly?

Every current NFL player (and their corresponding teams) who has been a guest on Monday Night Football have lost the next game following their appearance on the show. 

Bills quarterback Josh Allen was a guest on Monday Night Football just six days before the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Not only did the Bills lose the game 9-6, but Josh Allen had three turnovers, making it his worst game of the season. 

All five other previous players that were guests on the show suffered similar fates, including Tom Brady, who was a guest on Monday Night Football the week before Josh Allen. The Buccaneers lost the following game to the Saints, 36-27.

Who Will The Curse Get Next?

As of now, there isn’t a guest assigned for the next show, because the Manning brothers will not be broadcasting on Nov. 8. 

Maybe they are taking a week-long break after watching Josh Allen’s performance against the Jaguars. 

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