After the recent announcement of a new lawsuit, New York State may ban an everyday item that most of us use on a regular basis. Based on the state's history of banning things, it may be inevitable that this item is no longer permitted.

Photo by Teslariu Mihai on Unsplash
Photo by Teslariu Mihai on Unsplash

New York Files Lawsuit, Charges PepsiCo with Harming the Public

New York State's Attorney General Letitia James has filed a lawsuit against PepsiCo. The lawsuit centers around the Buffalo River. Attorney James says high levels of plastic pollution were found along the Buffalo River,

The lawsuit alleges that PepsiCo substantially causes public harm in Buffalo, has failed to warn consumers about the potential health and environmental risks of its single-use plastic packaging, and misleads consumers and the public about its efforts to combat plastic pollution.

NY Attorney General
NY Attorney General

Plastic bottles are not just an issue at the Buffalo Watershed, but all over New York State and America. Microplastics have been discovered in fish, which people then consume. According to Oceana,

Only 9% of the plastic waste ever created has been recycled.

Will New York State Ban Plastic Bottles?

New York State has already taken a stand on plastic and foam products. A single-use plastic bag ban has been in effect for a few years. Foam to-go containers were banned. There is even a statewide ban to prevent hotels from giving guests small plastic bottles containing personal care products.

There is a bill currently in the New York State Senate that would ban single-use plastic bottles if passed. Senate Bill S2981, which is in the Senate Committee Environmental Conservation Committee,

Relates to prohibiting the sale or manufacture of single-use plastic water bottles not comprised of one hundred percent recycled material; prohibits the sale of single-use plastic beverage containers comprised of less than seventy-five percent recycled materials; establishes penalties for violations; requires food service establishments to provide customers with tap water, beverages and leftovers in reusable beverage containers provided by a customer.


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