Buffalo loves their Tim Horton's coffee and donuts. You can find a Tim Horton's location in pretty much every town and city in Western New York. In fact, there are usually multiple locations in the same town because demand is so high.

How Many Tim Horton's Are There in Buffalo

According to scrapehero.com, there are 246 Tim Horton's Locations in New York State, with the overwhelming majority of them in Western New York. In total, there are 630 locations, with the majority being in New York, Ohio, and Michigan. The furthest away locations are in Texas. The chain is so popular in the Buffalo area that several locations have double drive-thrus.

Competitors to Tim Horton's

Dunkin', Starbucks, McDonald's, Panera Bread, and other fast food chains compete with Tim Horton's in the Western New York region. Dunkin' has recently added new locations, as has Starbucks. Buffalo also features several locally owned coffee and donut spots, such as Paula's Donuts which are considered some of the best in the world.

Tim Horton's Locations Now Versus 1995 in Buffalo is Surprising

Back in 1995, Tim Horton's was a lot different. From the menu to the number of locations. While today there are roughly 220 locations in the Western New York area, back in 1995 there were only 10 total. Reddit User u/thebiga1806 posted this picture on the Buffalo Sub Reddit:

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This is definitely a flash from the past. Some people said in the Reddit thread they miss the food quality of Tim's back in 1995. Clearly, however, it must still be good as thousands go there daily. They also shared memories of their favorite locations from back in the day.

Where Are Buffalo's Best Donuts?

Tim Horton's generally is not considered to have the best donuts in the area. That's not to say they aren't good, it's just that people in Buffalo love to buy local, and, quite frankly, the local places are better. Paula's Donuts are most often discussed as the best in Buffalo and possibly the world. Donut Kraze is another excellent location. The Market in the SquareWegmans, and Tops supermarkets even make their donuts fresh daily and people like them a lot.

What is your favorite donut spot?

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