Mr. Jake Owen partied a little too hard over the Cinco de Mayo weekend.  We're still unsure of what he did, but he found himself in handcuffs.  Jake was out on Saturday with his parents when he tweeted "What's the big deal about Cinco de Mayo.  I've been drinking my a$$ off Every day of Mayo."  Later on in the day, Jake Owen tweeted out a picture of himself in handcuffs and tweeted "I just got arrested in my hometown (Vero Beach, Florida).  I was wearing an old man mask and a sheriff decided to rip me out of Steak & Shake and embarrass me..... in front of my family, Classic.  You give a guy a gun and a badge and he thinks he's John Wayne.  I'm calling it a night.  My mom cried.  My dad was embarrassed."

Later that night, Owen continued ranting about the police, but the next morning he tweeted out an apology.  Kind of seems like a bad reason to arrest somebody, but Florida is crazy!