If you have a growing family, there is a good chance that you chose to turn down the mini van and go with the SUV? Vehicle interiors are getting more spacious while engineers work to make the exteriors more sleek.

There are some draw backs to having a larger vehicle or SUV. As gas prices get higher, having an SUV or larger car can be expensive to drive. Insurance prices are also a tad higher for these vehicles as well. That being said, pull up to any school drop off or pick up and you will see a long line of SUV's. One of the most popular is being recalled this week.

Chrysler, the maker of Jeep vehicles, said an “unnecessary and unused frame stud” on as many as 57,885 Jeep vehicles could pierce the fuel tank and lead to a fire.

I have three kids and one on the way and we NEED the space that a third row offers. I have to admit, it seems as though we are putting fuel in the SUV all the time! However, as the kids are getting bigger and they have more stuff, like sports equipment, the extra space is worth the higher gas prices. I did drive a mini van on vacation once and it was nice. I can't see us ever owning one. I feel more safe in an SUV and it is nice to have for the weather that we get here in the Western New York area.

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