John Murphy has been the "Voice of the Buffalo Bills" since the 2003 season.  Last week he missed the game, and here's why.

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The Buffalo Bills made the announcement today that unfortunately, the longtime announcer missed the game because he had a stroke.

Originally the team made the announcement that he would be missing the game in Cincinnati because he was feeling "under the weather" according to a spokesperson from the Buffalo Bills.

Chris Brown from the Bills took over play-by-play duties in what would become a game that few Bills fans will ever forget.  It was a game that was never finished because Damar Hamlin was critically injured part of the way through the first quarter.

According to the post, Brown will take over the play-by-play duties until Murphy is feeling well enough to step back into the booth.

It's interesting that this article about adversity came out after the end of the 2021 season just before the Bills played the Chiefs for the second time in the playoffs in two years.  That's where this year's adversity began.  That was the :13 seconds game.  Then in May, the city experienced it's worst mass shooting at a grocery store in Buffalo where 10 people lost their lives.  In May we got the news that one of the owners, Kim Pegula was very sick and in need of prayers.

Over the summer they went through a bit of a player scandal when the punter that they had just drafted was accused of rape.  He was then cut from the team just a few weeks before the regular season.

In August, Tight End Dawson Knox's brother passed away suddenly at the age of 22.

Once the season began in week 2, the Bills lost two players to injury.  But Dane Jackson and Micah Hyde experienced neck injuries.  While Dane Jackson was able to come back a few weeks later, Hyde was out for the year.

Then came the storms.  Buffalo experienced two of the worst storms in its history just a few weeks apart.  Just before Thanksgiving, the Bills were essentially snowed in.  They needed the help of local farmers and snowmobiles to get out of their houses.  The game that weekend was moved to Detroit.  So they lost a home game and had to travel.  While they were there, they lost superstar defender Von Miller to an ACL injury.

Then they had their second big storm of the season on Christmas weekend.  That as a storm where almost 40 people lost their lives.

This past week was the most recent major incident when safety Damar Hamlin took a hit that sent him into cardiac arrest and landed him in the hospital while many wondered what his fate would be.

Murphy will be resting at home for the time being and we wish him well on a speedy and full recovery.

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