Josh Allen doesn't like signing these.

The king of the football world right now (okay, maybe besides Patrick Mahomes) sat down with Hit Parade Collection. They dub themselves on social media as 'America’s Leading Card, Memorabilia, Comic & Gaming Repack Company'. He sat down and opened opened up some pack of cards to see who was in them for the video.

Here were some of the highlights of the cards he opened:

  • He found a signed Stefon Diggs card. It  was even signed and Josh made mention that Diggs' signature has changed over the years.
  • He found a NFL Hall of Famer, Thurman Thomas card (that Josh jokingly tried to pocket).
  • And he found a signed card of himself.

Josh Allen says it SUCKS signing these:

He goes on to note that its a 'sticker card' meaning that he actually signed a sticker and then it was placed on the card. Josh Allen then explains that on a sheet of stickers there are about 52 stickers and they're hard to sign because they're all on the same sheet and then they are small.

So, next time you see a Josh Allen card and it happens to be with a sticker--odds are that he probably has not even held or seen that card before, but instead just signed the sticker.

NEXT: A guy thought that he scored a major Josh Allen find at a yard sale. Unfortunately, he probably won't be quitting his day job just yet, but you have to see what all of the excitement was last month right here.

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