The home opener this year may have been one of the most well-behaved games in Buffalo Bills history, but that won't always happen -- especially with teams like the Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots.

But you also have to factor in the weather at Buffalo Bills games, and that's a big reason why fan conduct dipped into an absolute "NO NO" zone for Josh Allen.

If you have been paying attention to the weather, you may have already noticed the drop in temperatures. And in Buffalo, that can be a clear indication that it's going to snow.

One meteorologist predicted that the earliest we will see snow in Western New York is October 5th, and you can see the first expected snowstorm information when you click here.

Eventually, we'll have a snow game sooner or later, but make sure you're keeping your cool in the stands (see what I did there?).

There was a game in December 2022 that had quite a bit of snowfall during the game, and what people decided to do as a result of the snow -- really upset Josh.

While the snow was cleared from the field in Buffalo, there was enough snow left in the stands to form snowballs, and Bills fans did not hesitate to throw them towards the end zone targeting Miami Dolphins players who were attempting to generate an offense. 

Also, I’ll add this since I was at the game, I saw some Miami Dolphins fans throwing snowballs when the Bills were on offense, so take that as you will. 

However, snowballs are an absolute no-go…especially when it comes to obstruction of play. 

Highmark Stadium asked fans to please stop throwing snowballs. If you did choose to throw them, you would have been the subject of ejection and arrest. 

Clay Moden, the PA Announcer for the Buffalo Bills, announced that a snowball could lead to a 15-yard penalty against the Bills – should the snowball hit a player.

It may have started as a fun moment for Bills fans, throwing snowballs and embracing the weather, but it quickly turned into something that could potentially change the course of the game. 

And our Buffalo Bills’ quarterback Josh Allen wants to win every game he plays, so he didn’t want to risk a 15-yard penalty. That's why he got involved in trying to stop the throwing of snowballs. 

You can hear Moden announcing over the PA, “Fans, listen to Josh. Please stop throwing snowballs.”

It seems like there were less snowballs being thrown after Josh stepped in, waving his arms in an indication to stop. 

I’m all for playing in the snow, but maybe we should be more like these guys: 

You’re never too old to play in the snow, and Bills Mafia proved that this weekend. But maybe there are better ways to go about it when you’re at a Bills game. 

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