Josh Allen has a hidden talent listed in his bio. The Buffalo Bills Media team asked him a few questions and one of them was about hidden talent and here is what he listed.

Favorite Book: The Mamba Mentality

Little Known Fact: Participated in gymnastics as a kid

Pet Peeve: The sound of a vacuum

Dream Sporting Event: A Sabres Stanley Cup

Favorite Wing Spot: Bar Bill

Who knew? In fact, backup quarterback Kyle Allen's hidden talent is also juggling. That might not be as surprising only because they are best friends.

  • Josh Allen - Juggling
  • Kyle Allen - Juggling
  • Tyler Bass - 'Can Draw'
  • Dion Dawkins - 'Can do Handstands'

Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills have somehow made the 2nd seed position of the AFC. In dramatic fashion, the final 5 weeks of the season, the Buffalo Bills won out to earn the right to host, at least, the first Buffalo Bills playoff game. They will take on the Steelers at 1 PM on Sunday at Highmark Stadium. At the time of posting, the ticket prices were dramatically dropping. On Monday, the tickets were priced around $380 as the cheapest ticket. After the forecast has shown that there will be cold temps and snow, the ticket prices have dropped to below $120 at the time of posting.

The past few seasons, the Buffalo Bills have gotten to host a playoff game. You could go to previous playoff games for $50. As of right now, the Buffalo Bills are the 10 point favorite to win the football game.

Go Bills.

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