Josh Allen has taken the Buffalo Bills on his back and turned this franchise around.  But it's not just the stuff he does on the field that makes people love him so much.

It's the stuff he does off the field too.

Josh grew up in California.  He's told the story of when he was a kid and was excited to go to a San Francisco Giants game.  He had a player that he was particularly excited to see, but unfortunately got blown off by him.  He said he never forgot that moment and the way he felt about it and vowed that he would do his best to acknowledge every young kid that looked up to him.

“I told myself if I was in a position, like I am today, I’d do everything in my power to make sure that I just acknowledged every kid that looked up to me,” - Josh Allen

We know that it's not possible to greet EVERY fan, right?  But he's still trying.  Even if it's something as little as a fist bump, he's going to try to do it.

And this past weekend after their big win against Washington, while leaving the stadium, he lived up to that vow.

While I wouldn't encourage kids to go running up to a moving vehicle ever, the kids in this video certainly lucked out when they saw Josh Allen in his truck leaving the stadium.  Not only did they get some fist of them even walked away with the hat that was on Allen's head!

It's one of the coolest things I think I've ever seen from the Bills.  Add that to Emmanuel Sanders handing a football to a young fan after he scored and these Bills are on their way to landing some lifelong fans here in Buffalo.

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