Today isn’t quite as warm as it has been over the record six days in a row with 80 or near 80 degree temperatures but it sure still felt great heading out to lunch without a coat in March.  Last weekend I got a jump start on lawn clean up, picking up branches and trash that havegathered in the corner of my yard.  I think a lot of people may have done the same, I saw my neighbors cleaning out flower beds and prepping them for the upcoming season. I spoke with my brother back home in Michigan and he said they've had weeks of 70-80 degree days and his dog was lapping it up big time in the back yard.  I guess the only down fall to all this great weather was having to sit at the light on Parkside near Delaware Park every night waiting for people to make their left turn.   It looks like we’re back to reality this weekend with rain coming and cooler temperatures.  Goodbye hot day, it’s been a great ride and I hope to see you soon.