Let's be honest.  Cops have been picked apart for the last couple years about everything they do.  I will say right now that I support the police.  I have watched way too many videos that show "bad cops" and people are getting the wrong idea about what they do.

That's why I love this video so much.  It proves that not all cops are jerks.  Some of them can even take a joke.  If you haven't seen the video already, here it is.


I love that these officers were able to see the joke for what it was and proved that there are good cops out there.  They were calm, they were relaxed and they were professional.

Also take example from the kids pulling the prank.  They were calm, they did what they were told, nobody got hurt, nobody went to jail.  I wouldn't encourage anyone to do something like this because honestly it is a bit of a waste for these officers who have other things to do.  But the video did what it set out to do.  It got a laugh out of us and found a way to prove that not all cops are bad.

I'm so tired of seeing people disrespect police officers in videos and then get surprised when they get in trouble for it.  Grow up.  The system is set up so that you can "have your day in court" to prove your innocence.  Stop looking like an entitled little idiot behind a camera.

I believe that 95% of the police officers out there truly are good people.  Are there bad ones?  Sure there are.  Are there bad people in just about every occupation?  Absolutely.  Not all lawyers are sketchy, not all priests are honest, and not all cops are bad.

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