The Buffalo Bills are preparing to play the New England Patriots at Highmark Stadium for what will be the first-ever meeting between the two teams in the NFL playoffs, at least since the NFL/AFL merger more than 50 years ago.

The Wild Card playoff game in Orchard Park will also be the first full-capacity home playoff game for the Bills in over 25 years. The last one was on December 28th of 1996 against the Jacksonville Jaguars, which was Jim Kelly's last game.

The Bills have made the playoffs for three straight seasons and four of the past five seasons. That kind of success usually means other teams around the NFL would like to cherry pick your coaching staff and it's certainly that time of year again.

The Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins all fired their head coaches on Black Monday, which is the Monday after the final regular season Sunday in the NFL. They join the Jacksonville Jaguars, Las Vegas Raiders and Denver Broncos for teams who have fired their head coaches, although the Raiders interim head coach, Rich Bisaccia, is in the playoffs on a miraculous run.

One of those teams looking to fill their head coaching position is the Chicago Bears, who fired head coach Matt Nagy and general manager Ryan Pace on Monday morning.

The Bears have requested to interview Bills defensive coordinator, Leslie Frazier for their head coaching position.

Frazier came to the Bills in 2017 as their defensive coordinator and assistant head coach. He has been an NFL coach for over 20 years and was the Minnesota Vikings head coach for over three seasons, before being let go in January of 2014.

Frazier's connection to the Bears should be noted. He played cornerback for the Bears from 1981-1985.

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Most times, these interview requests are granted and we will see if Frazier gets a head coaching job this winter, whether with the Bears or another team with a vacancy. It was surprising when Frazier and offensive coordinator Brain Daboll both missed out on head coaching opportunities last year, but odds are one or both will be leaving Buffalo this go around.

Frazier might be a bit older than most candidates (62), but he's proven to be an excellent coach who has led the Bills to have the best NFL defense in both yards allowed and scoring in 2021.

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